A sweet gift for your husband

Once in a while I receive a call from a woman, who asks me if I could photograph them sensually nude for their husbands. Most of the time these women are 40-something. I always ask them to find themselves some examples of other pictures, how they would like to see themselves photographed. And from that point on, the process starts to find the fitting approach. And believe me, they are extremely brave they dare to do this! Can you imagine yourself, being photographed nude, with a big lens in your face and flashes going off all the time?

Together with my favourite hair and make up artist (Annemiek Bohnenn), we’ll go to their house, to stay within a familiar environment. She makes them look great! Hairpieces allowed. And I always ask the woman to make sure there is a bottle of white wine in the fridge, to get off the first nerves.

This is one of the few I can share with you, as she allowed me to and because she is not recognisable. Off course we made three other shots for her husband, some more intimate, for in their bedroom.

Also available as big size art print for on your wall.


Private client



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