Jente Slebioda Roberto de Groot Jantien Euwe Nick Fleuren Jordy Maarseveen Barry Beijer Chiari Re Mischa Kiek Expressions © brenda de vries Golda Doof Christian Celini Margriet Middel Frank Beurskens Britt Lenting

Movie Scenes

Movie scenes are shown to musical stars, resulting in these portraits showing their expressions as reaction to the scene they are watching.

The musical talents are Nick Fleuren, Roberto de Groot, Barry Beijer, Mischa Kiek, Margriet Middel, Jordy Maarseveen, Jente Slebioda, Jantien Euwe, Golda Doof, Frank Beurskens, Evert-Jan Korving, Christian Celini, Chiara Re, Carmen Danen, Britt Lenting.

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